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The following are only guidelines and may be subject to change depending on your event.


We are available to provide chamber music for wedding ceremonies, receptions and cocktail hours, as well as parties, corporate events, private functions, funerals, memorial services, and any other events.

To inquire about our availability for your special day, please contact us.


Music for a wedding ceremony includes the prelude, processional, special interludes during the ceremony if desired (e.g. soft background music while vows are recited or during the lighting unity candle), recessional, and short postlude (typically 1-2 pieces as guests are dismissed). The pricing for a standard wedding ceremony is fixed, while receptions and other events are priced by the hour. Please see below for more details.






* 20-30 minutes of prelude music as your guests arrive and are seated
* Music needed for the entire wedding ceremony (seating of mothers, processional of bridal party and bride, candle lighting ceremony, etc.)
* 10-15 minutes of postlude music as your guests leave

* This fee includes ceremonies that last no more than 1 hour 15 minutes of total time (time may be less depending on length of ceremony).
* This fee does not include rehearsals for the ceremony, though rehearsals can be added.


WEDDING COCKTAIL HOUR OR RECEPTION – $400 per hour when purchased with the wedding ceremony package; otherwise $600 for first hour and $400 for each additional hour


OTHER EVENTS – $660 for the first hour, $400 for each additional hour


TRAVEL – Please keep in mind that there may be additional travel charges if your event is more than 15 miles away from Columbus.


SPECIAL MUSIC ARRANGEMENTS – Should you wish special music to be arranged (ie. a piece/song that is not currently in our repertoire), there will be a $20-50 arranging fee per piece, depending on the complexity of music and time it takes to arrange.


More Details

Requirements: We require one armless chair per musician. We also need adequate shelter. We cannot perform in direct sun, rain or high winds. We play extremely valuable instruments, and the elements can damage them irreversibly in a matter of minutes.


Attire: The quartet will dress in all black concert attire as seen in photos on this website.


Cancellation Policy: In the unfortunate event that a booking must be cancelled by you, we will refund any payments including the deposit amount up to 90 days prior to the date of the engagement. After that point, the deposit amount is not refundable. If a contracted musician is ill or otherwise cannot play, we will employ a highly competent substitute from our preferred roster.


Method of Payment: We accept cash, personal checks, and electronic payments via Venmo. (Returned checks are subject to a $25 fee). Gratuity is always welcome and greatly appreciated.

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